Hello. I’m Lee Eason.

Like you, I’m still in development. For a bit, I thought I was going to be a herpetologist. Then I got bit by a 12 foot Olive Python and switched to English teaching. Then I found out about grammar and decided I’d rather teach History.

Then I took an internship at a tech company in the late 90’s and fell in love with the whole thing. People were sleeping under their desks, and they introduced me to sushi. It was amazing.

Then the tech bubble burst and I had to beg on my knees for a job at a furniture factory where I ran network cable and built desktop computers. But then I built a software program for them to manage their business, and I fell in love with that whole process.

For a while I rode horses, trained people on how to work with them, and I even rode a bull. Twice. I’ve flown airplanes, played chess, acted in commercials, wrote stories and poems, played guitar, had two incredible kids, overcome crippling fear and actually sang in front of people, built carpentry projects, drank a lot of wine and scotch, spoke at conferences, played ice hockey, won karate tournaments, surfed, taught sunday school, and studied Spinoza.

I still love history.

But for the past 18 years I’ve built a career in software development and I love it. I love the people, I love the craft, and I love the squishy human challenges of building technology driven products.

I love that all of us are heroes in our own stories. Figuring out how to align those stories to things that make a company successful is my passion.

For me, it’s never been about the one’s and zero’s. It’s always been about the infinite and beautiful shades of grey in between.