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My AI coding buddy

I gave Claude an entire application's source code to see what it could do. When it comes to leveraging AI to do truly valuable things, its awareness of context is key.



Fighting against entropy

Development teams will devolve into silos of knowledge without active work to resist that trend.


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An Exposition of DEI critical themes

There is some healthy, and some not so healthy, debate about DEI happening now. In this post I try to pull together the themes I'm hearing and give my perspective on these things. This is by no means an exhaustive treatment of the topic.


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Stop being myopic about business agility

Leadership, Creativity, and Diversity are keys to managing constraints



Your accomplishments won't regain trust on their own

Why it takes more than just getting things done to regain trust with a colleague



AI Use Cases

There are plenty of ways to leverage current AI tools for decision assistance



Inspiration is not optional

Effective change agents must be able to inspire others


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The Knowledge of Good and Evil for our AI creations

Poetic parallels between our pursuit of AI and biblical creation stories


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Managers in the Theory of Constraints

A case for keeping managers out of the day to day work of the team


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Finding the Wins

Learning how to identify your successes and build on them


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